Special Categories Place Sponsor (claimed)
MULTI-ONE 1 RA0R (always)
2 UA9UOO (always)
3 R0SR (once-only)
 SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH  1  UB9ODH (once-only)
2 RK8I (once-only)
3 R0SR (once-only)
2 UA4FER (always)
3 UA4FER (always)
SINGLE-OP 80M 1 RA9ODR (always)
2 RA9ODR (always)
3 RA9OEL (once-only)
SINGLE-OP 40M 1 RA9Y (once-only)
2 UA9ONJ (once-only)
3 UA9ONJ (once-only)
SINGLE-OP 20M 1 RA0AY (once-only)
2 RZ9OQ (once-only)
3 RZ9OQ (once-only)
SINGLE-OP 15M 1 SA7ATK (always)
2 SA7ATK (always)
3 SA7ATK (always)
SINGLE-OP 10M 1 UA9OG (always)
2 UA9OG (always)
3 UA9OG (always)
Special Categories Place Sponsor (claimed)
RAEM MEMORIAL STATION Memorial UA0SC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP YL Highest score UA9OA SK (always)
SINGLE-OP ARCTIC CIRCLE Highest score UA6LTI (always)
SINGLE-OP REGION UA0 Highest score UA0SC (always)
SINGLE-OP REGION UA1 Highest score RV9WB (once-only)
SINGLE-OP REGION UA3 Highest score BDXC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP REGION UA4 Highest score UA9OC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP REGION UA6 Highest score UA9OC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP ES LY R2F YL Highest score UA9OC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP POLAR MAN * Highest score UA9OC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP NORTH AMERICA Highest score UA4FER (always)
SINGLE-OP NORTH AMERICA Second place UA4FER (always)
SINGLE-OP AFRICA Highest score RO9O (once-only)
MULTI-ONE YOUNG TEAM ** Highest score R9OBC (once-only)
SINGLE-OP ZONE WAZ 14 Highest score R4IT (always)
SINGLE-OP ZONE WAZ 15 Highest score R9IR (once-only)
SINGLE-OP VK/ZL OCEANIA Highest score RW0BG (once-only)
SINGLE-OP SCANDINAVIA Highest score SA7ATK (always)
SINGLE-OP ALL LOW HUNGARY Highest score RT5Q (once-only)
SINGLE-OP ALL LOW ASIA (NO RUSSIA) Highest score RW0BG (once-only)
SINGLE-OP UKRAINE Highest score SA7ATK (always)
SINGLE-OP VETERAN *** Highest score UA4LS (once-only)
SINGLE-OP REGION R0Q Highest score  RM9I
SINGLE-OP ALL LOW EU RUSSIA Highest score UA9UOO (once-only)
MULTI-ONE EU RUSSIA Highest score RA0AM (once-only)
MULTI-ONE WORLD (NO RUSSIA) Highest score MW5R (once-only)
SINGLE-OP SOUTH AMERICA Highest score  RA7C (once-only)
SINGLE-OP 20M EU RUSSIA Highest score  RK3AW (once-only)
SINGLE-OP GERMANY Highest score RW0BG (once-only)
SINGLE-OP GREAT BRITAIN Highest score RZ9OL (once-only)
SINGLE-OP JAPAN Highest score RZ9OL (once-only)
SINGLE-OP OK/OM Highest score RZ9OL (once-only)
SINGLE-OP BENELUX Highest score R4IT (once-only)

* Introduced is a special reward for the radioamateurs operating now or have been operating before at the drift-ice scientific stations in the Arctic Ocean, as well operating now or have been operating before in Antarctic. In the Log (SOAPBOX) it is necessary to show the name of the scientific station, the period of operation and the radio station callsign. The record should begin with the name of the special category SINGLE-OP POLAR MAN.

** The rewards for the teams having the young operators. And the priority will be given to the teams in which all the operators are birthed in 1995 or later, and having confirmed not less that 100 of claimed QSOs. Should it happened that no such teams are found the plaques will be given to the teams of operators 1992 birth and younger.

We ask the youth teams not to forget to indicate the age in the Log.

*** A special Award is provided for the radioamateurs born in 1943 and earlier. Please, write your date of birth in the column OPERATORS or SOAPBOX.